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The yellow scooter accents match the yellow Scroth branding on my harness.

Realistically I could park these side by side, and put a Monster where the scooter currently is. Still take up less room than the F-150 that sticks out a foot two spots down. Just saying 🤷‍♂️


Air filter, spark plug, and I’m thinking a tiny lithium ion battery, at least once freezing temps are no longer a possibility in a few weeks. Oh, and fresh rubber, assuming it’s as cheap as I’m assuming it will be..? I may do breaks too. That’s the one simple vehicle maintenance item that I’ve still never done on anything. Yeah, the Miata has somehow gone 5 years on one set of pads, despite countless miles and lots of abuse. I don’t really get it, but there’s plenty of pad left!

Any other ideas to get the ball rolling on many more trouble-free miles?

Oh, I forgot to mention she leaks gas. It’s not a huuuuuge deal, but... Still. Environment and whatnot. I gotta figure that one out before someone complains. Besides that... The gas gauge is a bit funky. It works intermittently. Odometer works though, so I’m not too worried. Cold starts are still an issue. I rode to work today, 27°F. She did not want to start. Took a solid 10-15 minutes of screwing around. I know fuck-all (that means nothing right) about carbs, but... I should probably learn.

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