What is up Opponauts ? It has been a while since I visited or contributed much to this little blogosphere... It has been an interesting few months...

Long story short - I left a job, went on vacation in the EU, returned and started a new job.

I recommend this four-step program for anyone in a high stress job.

1) Leave it.
2) Disappear for a while.
3) Return.
4) Be happy.

Anyway... I bought a new (to me) thing last month. I stumbled upon a old (but not olde - I think there is a difference) bicycle that was too good of a deal to pass up. A local bike shop had a (used - duh) 1996 Cannondale R400 in good shape for $200. The stars seemed to have aligned - the frame is a 63cm XL frame - a necessity for this tall & lanky cyclist. I did a little research, tried it out in their lot, and pulled the triggah.

The 3 x 8 drivetrain was a hot mess full of years of grease, dirt and neglect. I emptied a full can of chain cleaner on it through four wash cycles with the chain scrubber. The RSX components were in good working order but a little sticky - nothing a little silicone lube couldn’t fix. I ordered new tubes and tires (700x23mm Conti Gator Hardshells), pedals (Shimano PD-M540 SPD), brake pads, and handlebar tape (CF-look). I’m not gonna lie, it feels good to ride a classic Cannondale.

The finished product:


She’s a beauty and rides so much faster than my old CrMo hybrid bike. It only weighs 21-22 lbs compared to that 30+ lb hybrid on 42mm tires.