Two pedals by Ford

Here we have a two pedal Ford.

But, I hear you say, if you live in the automatic world nearly all Fords have just the two pedals.

Not this model they don’t.


It’s a Model T. This one from 1909 to be precise.

As this is a place visited by the knowledgeable we all know that the T had three pedals and we all know what each did (which is nothing like what they do in any other car since). Just for fear that anybody might have forgotten, the left one is marked C and provides low gear (press), neutral and high (fully released). The middle one is marked R and does what you expect and the rightmost one is marked B and very gradually slows you down (you could also slow with the reverse pedal if you were going forward).

The first few Ts had a two pedal system where the R pedal is dispensed with and replaced by a second lever which provides forward (push forward), neutral (middle) and reverse (yes, pull it back). Many were later converted to three pedal so this is rare indeed. Unlike most of the other 20 cars left it doesn’t sit in a museum and is driveable. It was indeed driven to the show.


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