Two people on the internet have fixed* Yas Marina.

Below is an F1Fanatic commenter’s layout, which already looks better than the current one.

As you can see, he’s also changed up the start/finish straight, which is now located to the left-hand side of your screen.

But I thought I can do one better, and, taking from a few other redesigns, came up with this:


To add to my revisions: put some goddamn elevation changes there, particularly from T9-T16 (what used to be T2 to T6). It will rise slightly in the big esses, then gets progressively higher, and then the hairpin is uphill. The exit, however, is downhill, even the R-L section, and only levelsoff once you’re outta there and into the back straight.

Suck on this, Hermann. Two people on the internet have shown you up.

[*Your definition of “Fixed” may vary, and if you still think that Yas Marina is a turd, then go nuke it from orbit and draw a new one.]

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