The day after I bought my motorcycle, I got a rear flat caused by, of all things, a bone shard. It was fortunately right in the meat of the tread and I was able to get it patched at a tire shop. It leaked very slowly out of the patch, only about 1psi a week. Slow enough that I could live with it in order to save the tire that only had 1k miles on it when I bought the bike.

Fast forward to Wednesday evening, and I got ANOTHER puncture on the same rear tire. This one didn’t have any foreign object stuck in the tire, and you had to flex the tread to even see the puncture from the outside. From the inside it looked like this:

It almost looks like a seam split. The tire still has several thousand miles of tread left, and I managed to put over 2000 miles on it in the past 6 weeks, but still, I’m super pissed that I had to buy a new tire at $190 after tax. I have half a mind to try and get this one patched a second time. Might be a good idea when the brand new one inevitably gets a puncture tomorrow. *sigh*