Two steps forward, one step back.

In the last few weeks, my tailgate had developed the habit of randomly dropping down as I drove. I managed to nurse one of the latches back to life with some white grease, but it was a tenuous hold at best. So, I ordered a complete rebuild kit for the mechanism. Including new hinges and cables.

I found lots of rusty bits.


The seam sealer on the driver’s side is starting to fail.


The original hinge pin on the passenger side was trapped by the replacement bedside I had installed by the El cheapo body shop many moons ago. I’m sure I could have pried it out, but elected to say screw it, and only replaced three of the four original hinge parts.


Aaaaaaaaaaaand the mounting tabs on the passenger side taillight housing disintegrated. If you look closely at my top shot, the tail light is held in place by packing tape. I ordered a new pair off eBay for $85.


FryGuy says it broke because we were drunk.

t least the tailgate works well again, and is nice and secure. All in, with the new tail lights, it’ll be a $200 repair. Not too bad. It’s pushing 14 years old now. The rust is really starting to take a toll on the old girl though. That kills me.

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