Meet the good ship MSC Jade.

Want to know where she is now? Of course you do. She’s here.

As you can see she’s really big, yuuuge even, and she has a yuuuge engine.

This one. Note the two people for scale.

It’s a MAN B&W 11G95ME-C9.5 which those of us who have spent two minutes on Google made a study of marine diesel nomenclature will know is an 11 cylinder 95cm engine. Yes, it’s an inline 11 (count the open doors in the crankcase). Yes,the cylinders are nearly a metre wide. The stroke is over 3.4m so not only could you stand inside, somebody could stand on your shoulders and still have room. It’s therefore hugely undersquare by road engine standards.

Anyway, it’s 75 MW or 103,000 bhp of two stroke goodness. It produces this power at 80 rpm. Yes, eighty revs. You could stand by the propshaft and count it turning.

An engine of superlatives then, but it’s not alone on board. The Jade also has four little 32cm engines, two I8s and two I9s, because why not.