Meet the DKW F102. With 4 deurs. Yes, there was a 2 deur as well.

DKW stood for Das Kleine Wunder, the little wonder, and they were best known for making two stroke motorcycles. They went on to become one of the four rings in the Auto Union logo and as the F102 was a two stroke Auto Union thought the DKW badge was appropriate.

Here we have the F102's engine. Yes, it’s tiny. It was a 1 litre triple. Yes, it had three ignition coils. Yes, that engine bay looks better than it did new.


The F102 wasn’t a quick thing. What to do? Why, glue together two triples and make a V6 of course. Meet the Mueller-Andernach V6 conversion, fitted in this case to an Auto Union 1000. Yes, the radiator is supposed to be back there, it was originally designed for thermosyphon cooling and had to be as high as possible.


You prefer a straight six? You’re not alone. Meet two triples glued together the other way. This one is from Saab, who used an engine which was based on the DKW one.


The F102 wasn’t a success so Auto Union put in a four stroke, called the resulting F103 an Audi (just an Audi at first, numbers came later) and the rest is history.

Meanwhile versions of the triple carried pop-pop-popping away in Saabs, Wartburgs and Trabants. Saab replaced it with a Ford V4, the East Germans continued on their smoky way until 1988/89.