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Two stroke Tuesday

Meet a Husqvarna 236.

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Cute, isn’t it? 1.4 kW of two stroke goodness at about 9,000 rpm. Husqvarna have been in business, though not under the same ownership, since 1689. That’s a long time in the corporate world. They started life as a weapons manufacturer in the Swedish town of the same name, although they’ve had a spelling reform in Sweden since and the town has transitioned to Huskvarna. Naturally much of their product line comes from somewhere much cheaper and further to the east than Huskvarna these days.

Anyway, we now come to the issue of starting your 236. Here’s how I did it.

-press primer slowly six times

-pull out choke

-ensure chain brake on

-haul cord several times. Nothing happens. Repeat priming and hauling several times


-give up in disgust

-come back several hours later

-press primer slowly six times

-haul out choke

-pull cord. Engine makes vaguely promising noise. Haul starter cord several more times to no effect


-repeat priming

-repeat pulling of cord

-repeat priming

-repeat pulling cord

-after several cycles of this we have a splutter

-push in choke

-haul cord again and again. This time we have ignition, for about a second

-repeat until engine actually runs

-squeeze throttle so fast idle disengages. Engine promptly stops

-pull out and push in choke so as to reset fast idle

-pull starter cord again until engine starts again. This time leave throttle alone for some time


-put saw down so as to release chain brake. Engine stops

-haul starter cord again and this time run engine for longer

-after all this we can now actually cut something

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