One side done! Well, almost. I’m waiting for my new strut rods to arrive. My correct LCAs arrived yesterday, and what a difference the right parts make! Once I get the other side assembled, I’ll get the new sway bar installed, too. After that, it’s time for the new master cylinder, pushrod, and time to bleed the brakes. I hope to be road worthy by the end of next weekend.

Yes, I’m lazy and didn’t paint the wheel well.
11.3" rotors say peek-a-boo! I guess I could’ve gone bigger.

The second thing I did today, I hope no parent here ever has to do. I was at the cemetery to decorate my daughter’s site. Tomorrow is the seven year anniversary of her death. She died at three months old. We’re blessed that her twin brother is a healthy, happy 7 year old.

Backside of her headstone