So I was in the bathroom earlier, which, naturally, means I had an idea:
First of all, what happens if you, say, fall off a cliff and survive, but your phone’s screen is shattered? How do you call for help now that buttons don’t exist? My proposal is to have an emergency 911 button under the battery lid, where it can’t be pressed by accident. That’s... that’s really it. That will save lives.

And second, what if you find somebody’s phone? It used to be where you could just open it up, find “home” or “mom” or something like “Brad <3" and call that one in order to help it find its owner. But now everyone has a lock screen, and your only hope is to post that you found it on Craigslist or something. So... Everyone should be able to assign one number to be accessible without unlocking the phone. “If found, press here to contact owner.” or something. I don’t know about other people, but I’d gladly try to return the phone before anything else. But the more complicated it is to do so, the more likely I am to throw away the sim card and put it on eBay.

So yeah. I just fixed cell phones for you. You’re welcome.