Well, not really Subaru, but the local Subaru dealer. I drove by on Saturday and they had a BRZ, so I stopped in to look at it and maybe try and get a test drive.

So of course, salesperson catches me as I get out of my car. Usual thing, what do you drive now, I point to my Koup and say Kia Forte Koup. He sees the badges and starts questioning them, I have these on my car:

He asked if it was Kia's performance division. I said no, it's just an old Kia logo that people have made into an aftermarket badge, but I thought he was on to something. Kia should make higher performance or more premium cars and use this badge instead of the KIA.

Anyways, back to Subaru. So while I don't think I'm getting a BRZ since it's too small to be my only car, I suppose if I really liked it I might be persuaded to buy one. After all, had I been able to wait a few months before getting my Forte I probably would have bought a BRZ. So I looked at it, sat in it, etc etc no need to post opinions here we've all heard enough and mine are probably the same. I kindly ask if I could take a test drive while it's still here, since someone would probably buy it soon and who knows when they'd get another one.


This is where things got interesting. Salesperson says well, lets go ask the manager. Okay...never had that happen, but it's their only BRZ so I understand. We walk up to the manager, get the usual introductions out of the way, salesperson asks if we can take a test drive, and manager drops a bomb. 'No, I won't let people in their 20's drive the BRZ, WRX, or STI. If you want to buy the car, you can buy the car, but you can't take it out first. This isn't a car you need to drive, if you want it you know you want it. I have a WRX and an STI out back with blown motors from people your age test driving them so I'm done letting that happen'

Whoah, dude. Okay, I get it, liability issues and all that but that's why I sign that piece of paper saying if I break it I fix it. I don't appreciate being automatically placed into this group of irresponsible assholes just because I'm 23. I admit, showing up to the dealership in shorts and a t-shirt probably didn't help my case but I wasn't planning on coming in. I won't lie, I wasn't going to purchase the car that day but now? Not giving them any of my business.


It's not the first time I've been age discriminated by a dealership. When I was shopping for the Koup I went to look at the Camaro and one salesperson told me straight up that I'll need a cosign or to save for a few years to buy one of those before he knew anything about me (all we'd exchanged was names and that I was looking for a Camaro, he had no idea what I did for a living)

TL:DR Subaru manager treated me like crap because I'm young, not buying a Subaru from them until he's gone.


Also, question for the salespersons of oppo: what's your opinion of people like me that sometimes stop in to look at a new car even though they don't plan on buying one? And I mean specifically a car that they could buy, just probably won't. I'm not going to a Porsche dealer and wanting to drive a car I can't afford, I'm looking at cars that I could realistically purchase if I wanted to