Two Turkish F-16s Shoot Down Russian SU-24 Over Syrian / Turkish Border

For the first time in history a NATO jet shot down a Russian Su-24 this morning over the Syrian border. At appropriately 4:06 AM EST news came over the wire of a Russian Su-24 fighter jet repeatedly violating Turkish airspace, as many as ten times according to Turkish officials. Two F-16 scrambled to the Russian SU-24 and after several warnings the Russian jet was shot down.

Amature video of the jet flaming out in a steep dive doesn’t show the pilot eject, however Russian officials have confirmed the flight crew was able to eject safely. The condition of the crew is unknown and there are unconfirmed reports that the flight crew was captured by Turkish troops on the ground.


Update - This image apparently show the crew ejection. They were flying at 6,000 ft.


Video VIA YouTube

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