If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Two unfinished products; equally out of place in this environment

One nearly tanked a multinational corporation, and the other just happens to be the City of Galician Culture in Santiago. For such a forward-thinking building, I was surprised when I didn’t find any car chargers. Santiago in general had just one.

Well, then Santiago can fuck right off. Vigo is better anyways.


Fastest charger I’m yet to see? 50kWh, this one is 11kWh. The other Model 3 is plugged in, but the charger wasn’t turned on, even paid for, so... what manner of strange things happened there?

Those who are eagle-eyed will notice the rear seats are down, to fit a bicycle. The short ride to Samil turned into a 20 mile excursion to Nigran. The Ferrari was parked near “Ducks beach”it didn’t have ducks.

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