Porsche pic from last years Cleveland Euro Car Cruise-In

I’ve got rear brakes to do and start detailing the car. Daughter needs bike set up and checked out for a charity cycling event early next month. Then I have friends pushing me to attend some area Cars & Coffee which so far I’ve missed all of for this year in two cities. Can’t seem to find the time with remodeling a kitchen, yard work, fence repair, and doing car repairs on other cars in the family. I’m be trying to re-roof a large shed between rain storms next month.

The one event I know I will make it to is the Euro Car one in Cleveland that I went to last year. Its on Sunday the 30th for anyone who can attend from around Ohio. After posting this I’m headed to the garage to get started.


Maybe next year I can get to all the Cars & Coffees and GTGs. Had three car rally events I planned to go to this year and only made it to one. I even bought more camera gear that just seems to be gathering dust. This is one summer where nothing has been easy and to add insult to injury I got a door ding on the fender of my car that I’m hoping a dent guy can remove easily. Not a car door hitting it but a new closet door I was to be installing fell over in the garage and put a quarter sized dent on the body line. Bad karma.

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