Gave the Corolla it’s first bath since I bought it. The back was getting pretty dusty from the dirt road I live on and the front had amassed quite the collection of dead bugs. Dropped by my Grandmother’s house after work to borrow her hose (no hose available at my apartment, no way in hell am I taking this car to a car wash) and gave it a good scrubbing. The blue shows all the dead bugs and isn’t keen to let those splatters go. A wash will do for now but next time I’m home in MA and have access to a garage I’m going to deep clean it and give it a good wax and sealant.

This was also the first time I got to use the Meguiar’s detailing kit I got for Christmas last year. I have to say the microfiber wash mitt is very nice and the drying cloth they give you is plain witchcraft. I dried the entire car with it and afterwards that cloth was still dry to the touch.


In other news I am going to be autocrossing it for the first time on Sunday. She has 960 miles on her right now and will cross 1000 on the way to the event. I was going to wait until 2020 to start autocrossing it but I am having some serious withdrawals having not autocrossed in 10 months. This weekend is our big 2 day trackcross event at Canaan in New Hampshire and I ended up caving and entering it for the second day. Canaan is a much tougher event than I wanted to run for my first event in the car (Canaan is 70+ mph while all of our other events are only in the 40-50 mph range) but it should still be fun to baby it around at 7/10s for a day.

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