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I’m slowly transitioning to using the scooter as my dd. I’ve gotten a bit better at starting it in sub-freezing temps, which helps considerably. I rode to the gym this afternoon in the pouring rain, and despite my legs getting soaked... It was a blast!

Anyhoo... I’m a hiker that actually prefers the winter season, so I’m no stranger to cold.


However, riding in 35°F at 40mph feels significantly colder than hiking in 5°. I’ve been riding with a waterproof jacket on top of various warm layers, with the hood on under the helmet. That helps quite a bit, as does tucking my cuffs into my gloves. Still, even with the Kevlar-lined riding pants that are too hot to hike in when temps are over 30°F, the fairly thick leather riding boots, and all the layers on top, it’s cold. Really cold. Especially once you throw freeway stints in.

Any gear you’ve fallen in love with for dealing with the chill?

On the flip side, any good wet-weather gear recommendations? I’m thinking just some cheap rain pants. Frog togs?

A motorcycle jacket is the one necessity I’m currently missing, and I’m unsure if I should spend big bucks on something waterproof, or just buy whatever is safe and toss an old, lightweight rain jacket over the top.

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