Two wheels bad

I am tempted to play with motorcycles this weekend. This is bad.

[Edit: I really should have mentioned that I re-watched all episodes of Long Way Down” over the past week and a half, which doesn’t help.]


I’m pretty happy with my automotive collection of the 2016 VW GTI and the 2020 Subaru Outback, to the point where I don’t feel like test driving cars for fun because I can’t even convince myself that I’d even slightly realistically bother changing anything. This may well pass, but it is the current status.

Which leaves me considering test driving motorcycles for fun.

Which leaves me risking making my wife very, very sad.

I was supposed to camp at Hunting Island State Park this weekend, but they are doing “beach renourishment” 24 hours a day (noisy), and let me cancel my reservation. This leaves me with a need to do something fun. Troublesome.


Grom for your time:

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