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Last night on the way home I saw an accident. Well, more accurately, I saw the aftermath of an accident. The rider was on a crotch-rocket of some sort, from the pieces that were scattered everywhere I can only guess that the bike had been a GSX-R, looked like Suzuki’s racing colors. The rider was laid out on the side of the road, no helmet in site, shorts, t-shirt. That was the part that got me, no helmet, not even a decent riding jacket. Judging from what was left of the bike, it had been going at a fairly high rate of speed. Again, he wasn’t wearing a helmet and no gear of any kind.


The police had just rolled up as I was going by, and there were others that had stopped as well, so I just went by... I wasn’t really planning on eating dinner after that though. I hadn’t planned on seeing a guys brains spilled all over the place when I left the office last night. I’m not sure if having a helmet and gear would have helped the guy or not, judging by the state of his bike’s remains, but he may have been around to tell the story, banged up and bruised, but alive, which he isn’t now.

So my fellow two wheeled compatriots, if you have a bike. Anything, with pedals, a moped, a no-ped, 50cc or 2300cc, don’t even start them up until you have your gear on. You don’t want to end your life with the high note being from some random guy talking about it on a car forum. DON”T BE STUPID! WEAR YOUR HELMETS! WEAR YOUR GEAR! SAVE YOUR OWN LIFE!

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