As some of you may know, I tend to dabble in the madness that is two wheeled transportation. Over the years I've had everything from big blown out cruisers to their antithesis, a '84 QT-50 Moped. It's always fun. But anyway, in my most recent quest to scratch the itch, I ran in to a Buell and and a few questions for those of you out there about them, but I noticed a pattern emerging, so I went back and checked the posts on laneslpitter and a few other cycle-centric oppo members.

It would seems that when in doubt, the cycling community seems to fall back onto the old stand by, the Kawasaki ninja. It doesn't really even matter which version either. Everything from the 250 all the way to the liter versions of the Ninja seem to be the bike of choice when asked for recommended riding advice. So the answer is clear. The standard answer to biking questions is "The answer is Ninja!"