Finally got my mountain bike in good working order again. My Mongoose XR-75 from like five generations ago has rims that I swear are cardboard and the headstock stripped itself, so I started riding a hard-tail Magna from ~20 years ago with a hard-tail frame that weighs approximately three million pounds. I finally got around to putting the seat, headstock, and wheels from the Magna onto the Mongoose, as well as a new front derailleur and did some much-needed tuning of the brakes.

In the foreground is the Mongoose sans head, and in the back is the soon-to-be-stripped Magna. Notice the shiny aftermarket seat post. Mmmm. I'm thinking of replacing it with a springy seatpost, in lieu of replacing the shock on the bike for something with more travel (or getting a stiffer spring)

Fixed MagnaGoose.


Short wheelbase, just how I like it because doncha know Kansas is full of mountains for biking on.