I have recently become interested in doing motorcycle things. I had been on bikes a few times in the past but honestly had no clue what I was doing. I went and took the MSF course this past weekend to get my endorsement(and passed without a single point off on anything). Now I’m looking for a bike.

I think I’ve settled on getting a KTM Duke 390. It’s supposedly fun, it’s not supposedly going to get boring, it’s supposedly a good commuter. It’s also cheap. Kind of. I’ve been shopping around and most dealers seem to want about a 25% markup on the thing. I won’t pay it. I’m going to talk to one dealership this evening, and get to see one in person finally, and hopefully they will be a bit kinder to the wallet. But for those of you who have gotten this far... Any other bikes you would recommend? Check boxes are... Beginner friendly, good on insurance, sub-$5700 out the door, new(for financing purposes), and something I’m not going to want to sell next year.