There’s a ferry that leaves from Alameda to downtown SF and back but I never take it as the parking lot is full, the overflow lot is full, and then people just park anywhere, which gets sketchy, and it’s too far to simply walk. However there’s a way to avoid a long walk and have easy and free parking basically anywhere:

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That’s a 20 year old two stroke with 2,900 miles on it.

It looks better than it runs. The previous owner “upgraded” some things like the carburetor which is why I have to adjust the choke when speeding up or slowing down to keep the engine from stalling, or bogging down and then stalling according to what you’re doing.

For what I paid for it though she runs just fine. Hopefully it’ll run even better soon. I’ll likely have to re jet the carb is my guess but I’ll see how far I can get by fooling with the mixture screws.

Anyway, new ride. Ain't fancy but still kinda fun.


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