Two wheels good

y new (new to me) 1974 Honda CB350. First pic of the bike. Just got home from returning the borrowed truck and trailer. Its dark so no more pics tonight. Sweet little bike, very light handling, makes all the right sounds and everything works on it. I’m very happy. As an added bonus during the discussion I found out the owner is a jalopnik reader and is familiar with oppositelock as well. He intends to keep up with the bike so expect me to post motorcycle content in the future. (If you’re reading this Hi 👋, please make an account and join us). There are a few things that may need done. Shocks should prob be replaced, maybe gets some grippier modern tires, adjust the brakes and such. Overall it’s a great bike though. Oh, the pipes are not factory but were decently fabricated by someone. Prob swap for stock eventually but no hurry. Can’t wait to get plates on this baby and go riding!


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