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The World's Fastest Cafe Racer

Managed to end up with Isle of Man TT tickets, so it’s about time to learn to ride :) first step is to fix up the £50 GS500 I bought of a co-worker 2 years ago. There’s a relatively small list of mechanical things to do, but more important than that is to make it look like something I actually want to ride. Pictured: one neoprene sports shirt in bike form. Not exactly my cup of tea. Doesn’t look like that now though after the jump ;)

Tanks stripped and resprayed with the best rattle-can dark green Halfords has to offer. My mate had the excellent idea of painting black over the primer before the colour coat to darken it and it’s worked beautifully. 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of solid black, 2 coats of dark metallic green and 3 coats of gloss. Beautiful colour :)

Choppy choppy grindey grindey


Extraneous crap removed...


...and seat cut down :) I’ve actually finished shortening the seat now, cutting down the seat foam to roughly the right shape and trimming the existing seat cover to fit.

All of that in half a day’s work and for £28 for spray paint ;) just need to order up some tube to re-make a shorter seat frame, relocate some displaced gubbins, rebuild the carbs, paint the mudguard the same gorgeous green, paint the frame flat black, flip the handlebars upside-down, a quick service, tyres and then done :)


Seems like a reasonable amount, but should be done in no time money permitting ;) hence why I have dubbed it ‘The World’s Fastest Cafe Racer’. Aiming for less than a week’s work all-in ;)

Current work time: 0.5 days.

Current expenditure: Bike £50, Spray Paint £28.

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