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Two Wheels Good Questions

So I may be able to actually get my motorcycle license this spring and get a bike this summer. I don’t really have a want to go on highways or long trips so I’m looking at dual-sports for the most part. I’m thinking in the 250cc range to start and I know I could probably be fine with 400-600cc bike but I’m alright with smaller to start.

Enter my dilemma, I really like the CRF250L but I have no idea about the difference between the dual sport and the supermoto. Is it just tires? If it is, would it be fun to get a set of both tires?


If this is the bike I end up getting, I want to change the color as I think the honda red just isn’t really me. Where do people buy plastics from? I’m assuming it is probably a good investment too, since as a newb I’m probably not going to keep it shiny side up forever. I’ll keep the old plastics and put them back on when/if I decide to sell.

NPoCP on all of the bikes on NH craigslist when I searched “CRF250L”?

Dealer financing... Dealer financing... $4800 for a 2014 that looks like its been given the ken block treatment... $6200 for a 2007 450.. The NH bike scene is lacking


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