I was driving to work tonight to work this stupid late shift the city is experimenting with, hoping it would fail (I think it did!), and I got to thinking: is there a car I’ve owned that’s spent more time at wide open throttle over a two week span than the Miata has since I bought it? Hence TWOT: Time at Wide Open Throttle.

The drive to/from was the lone benefit tonight.
The drive to/from was the lone benefit tonight.

I mean I’ve been hammering this thing. I haven’t been bouncing it off the rev limiter, but just pulling out onto a main road I’m probably going WOT through first and second 70% of the time...which is reasonable and legal because that actually only takes me to 45mph or so. I’ve been using the engine is my point.


The last fun car I had was an ‘86 Mustang LX notch with a 5 liter and a 5 speed. I rarely ever went WOT with it...mainly because getting over 45 happened very quickly in that car and it sucked to drive on the highway. So I usually avoided that.

The Miata though apparently has a very high TWOT value (lots of TWOT? Big TWOT? Good TWOT?), and who doesn’t love that?

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