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Tyler Doohan honored by local firefighters

As a follow up to this post from last week, local firefighters have made Tyler Doohan an honorary firefighter. Tyler woke six people and got them out of the burning trailer home. He then went back in to try to help his wheelchair bound grandfather and step-grandfather, but they were unable to escape the fire. The Penfield fire department honored Tyler by making a firemans helmet with his name on it that they presented to his mother. Fire departments from as far away as Buffalo showed up to honor Tyler.

Illustration for article titled Tyler Doohan honored by local firefighters
Illustration for article titled Tyler Doohan honored by local firefighters

Clad in dress blues and white gloves, firefighters from departments around the Rochester area and as far away as Buffalo lined the walls of the church lobby, according to The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports ( Outside, fire engines lined the streets and firefighters directed traffic.

At the church entrance, Penfield Fire Chief Chris Ebmeyer held a red-and-white helmet with a shield bearing Tyler's name, which he gave to the boy's mother. "We consider him an honorary firefighter," Ebmeyer said. (Article here)


More here from the Democrat & Chronicle.

Tyler died in the early morning hours of Monday, Jan. 20, as fire consumed the single-wide trailer on Fondiller Avenue, a street in a mobile home community off Route 441 in Penfield, where he had stayed the night.

He was off from school in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and had asked his mother the previous night to sleep at his grandfather's residence.

As the fire spread, Tyler woke six people, including two other children, all of whom escaped. It was when Tyler went back into the trailer to help Smith, who had lost a leg to diabetes and used a wheelchair, and Beach, that all three succumbed.

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