Krups Espresso Novo 964, not Porsche 964. I do kind of want to put a Turbo badge on it now that I know what it is though. Teal 964 Turbo for your time:


My parents got the espresso maker at a department store liquidation sale about 15 years ago. It’s one of those things that my dad used every once in a while, but mostly just sat in a cabinet collecting dust. Having traveled with us on a few moves, it’s missing some stuff, like the measuring spoon/tamp and manual. Today I decided to look up the manual online to make sure I’m using/maintaining it properly and that’s when I discovered the Type 964 designation on the bottom.

Turns out I was doing everything properly, which doesn’t surprise me because, with the right coffee, it makes tasty espresso. Not on the same level as the stuff from that Parisian cafe that got me hooked, but better than anything I’ve been able to find in rural Ohio or Indiana. Everyone around here is only interested in espresso for lattes and frappes.

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