Typeface Rant

The typeface used in the Huayra’s interior is wrong. It’s hella basic for such a glorious interior, and not intelligible to excuse its ugliness.

Look at that. Might as well be Times New Roman Italic. The word that springs to mind when I see it is amateurish. It’s an incongruously lazy choice for such a meticulously designed car.


The escape button is clear and legible. Perfect. But it’s simplistic and I understand if you want something more stylish, Mr. Pagani. You’re a stylish man. But the typeface you picked wasn’t stylish! It’s the equivalent of buying “slim-fit” khakis to look cool.

You even used a good typeface in the LED screen. The Pagani labeling would be perfect for use throughout the interior. It’s legible, futuristic, and blocky, which is what you want when it’s juxtaposed against more organic shapes.


Pick a better typeface, Mr. Pagani. Your cars are worth it.

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