A few days ago my grandfather gave me this Smith-Corona Electra 210 typewriter, it's really cool and fun to use so I brought it up with me to kill time whenever needed. They're not worth much unfortunately but that means that I can use it as much as I want and not need to worry about value!

Yes that's some terrible Maisto Countach that I bought at Five Below some time ago. It came in a pack of 5 cars so I thought why not lol.

I love this '57 Chevy Apache, so much that if I could buy one right now I would drop everything just to own one. It's such a beautiful truck. Also some hot wheels and the typewriter.


LAPD Cruiser

I taped this to my bed post so it doesn't roll off.

I have a few that aren't pictured but I don't feel like uploading everything from my iPotato 5C.


There will be more coming as I keep impulse buying at my local Stop and Shop.