So I went to pick up my younger brother today from his first day back. This picture was my view for maybe 20-30 minutes. Notice what's in front of me. No, not the lovely blue BMW convertible. A parking space, long enough for any small to medium sized car, minivan, or crossover. After that, a long, long line of cars stretching all the way up to the "No parking" zone at the other end of the school grounds. Now, people like to simply pull up and park forward, which means every car in this line got there before the car behind it, and pulled in. But I had been there before most of them, parked in the shade. The BMW was the last car to be able to pull straight in. So I sat there, for 20-30 minutes, watching car after compact car (like that diminutive Saturn on the left) drive by this space and come around the block or park back in the neighborhood. All because none of them knows how to parallel park/can be bothered to parallel park. Had the space been a foot or two longer, someone would've inevitably tried to "parallel park" by pulling in forward and leaving their ass hanging out into the road.

Also, ignore that no parking sign, as the fine print reads "except school days".