Typo or OPPO Narnia?

I was looking at rental cars last night and stumbled upon something interesting:

This car class is listed as Manual. Now, my first impression is that this is a typo. But, all the other car classes say automatic and have an automatic icon. So I did a little more digging and found a reference to a manual transmission in another spot, all while not finding any that said automatic.


The problem is, I do not think they made the XE in a manual in the US. Furthermore, look at the other details. It clearly says sedan but lists 2 doors. Something is fishy:

Another interesting thing is this: The F-type or similar category clearly says coupe but lists 4 doors, 5 seats, and an automatic


It seems like their intern screwed up and swapped these two categories. But that makes me wonder “do they have a manual F-Type???” And if I wanted to rent this, would I pick the sedan category that lists details for the coupe or the actual coupe category?

Do you think I should roll the dice on the sedan? It’s only $25 more than the mustang category, after taxes, for the weekend. I would be a little bummed if I paid extra for a base model XE instead of a Mustang. But I would be ecstatic if I got anything manual.


The better option might be to reserve a mustang like I planned, and then ask the lot manager about this magical unicorn rental car. Or I could try my luck at National again.

What do you think I should do, OPPO? Rent the mustang and ask? Roll the dice on the XE class, or go to National (for about the same price) and have my pick when I get there?

The previous Mustang I rented. Donuts were made.

For reference, this was listed at the LAX Budget. Anyone want to call them for me?

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