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Tyre problems... (I do not always love my Saab).

So, I need new summer tyres in a few months (in april or so), my current summer tyres are 205/50 17”.. NOT easy to find tyres with those measurements. So I thought I’d do the smart thing and get a set of wheels with some tyres in 195/65 15” (what the car came with from the factory) for about 600 ‘murican bucks.. So I drop by a dealer, and he says “well, I’ve got a set of 225/45 17” Continental Sport Contact 5 here, yours for 450 ‘murican moneys”.

The things is, I’ve got a tiny problem with the current 205/50 17” GoodYears and a small amount of rubbing (inside of the wheel well on full lock), so getting a set of tyres that are 2cm wider is probably not that smart.. But they are really cheap, and I don’t have a lot of money.

So, help me Oppo, should I get the stupid wide tyres and suffer some rubbing so I can spend the money saved on sportier suspension? Or should I be smart about this and buy the more expensive set of wheels in stock dimensions and just replace the shocks and springs with something close to stock (the sportier suspension lowers the car about an inch from its current height).

Keep in mind that I’m not a teenager.

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