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The zombie Prius tyres on the GT86 have finally gone to landfill heaven, to be replaced by Michelin PS4s. They review pretty well, I got a good deal on them, and Toyota and Subaru are both using them as OEM fit on the performance-spec versions of the 2019 Twins, which bodes well for how they’ll suit the car. I’ve only driven on them for about 20 miles of freeway so far, so the initial review is: they’re round and black. Both good features in a tyre, I feel.

I decided not to go with full-on trackday tyres in the end. Yes, they’re worth a second or two a lap, and depending on the tyre in question may handle a long session better, but ultimately I don’t care about laptimes at track days: I’m only racing me. And starting down the track day tyre route leads to a big pile of other things: It rains a lot here so I’d need separate street tyres and wheels; Extra side loads lead to oil starvation on boxers so I’d need a sump baffle; It’ll chew up shoulders unless it has a lot more than stock camber so I’d better put camber plates at the front and adjustable arms at the back. And pretty soon that’s 2 or 3 grand gone for minimal benefit in enjoyment - I really want to stay out of the “buying speed” rabbit hole.


Having said that, I’ve invested in some front camber bolts, which arrived today (too late to throw on before it went for tyres and get the alignment done at the same time, dangit). That’ll get me an extra degree or so of front camber for a few bucks - they’ve only got to make the tyres last a couple of track days longer and they’ve paid for themselves. The Primacies’ shoulders held up astonishingly well considering the car has basically zero camber as stock, but they’re as hard AF: I don’t expect the Michelins to be so durable. I think I’ll also invest a few bucks in oil temp and pressure gauges, just so I can keep an eye on whether I’m pushing it hard enough that some durability mods are needed.

Next step:decide whether to take it in for the valve spring recall. I’m still agonising over that one since it’s a big job to fix a small risk, and tearing down the engine potentially introduces bigger issues of it’s own. I need to find out what Toyota’s offering in the way of warrantee on the work.


Useful TIL from the tyre job: My local Aston/Bentley/Lambo dealer has an inhouse tyre and alignment shop who are actually pretty cheap, and know their shit: they handle a bunch of customer racecars as well as the supercar stuff. I bought the Michelins through an online vendor who sent me to their nearest partner for for installation and it turned out to be these guys. It never would have occurred to me to try them otherwise.

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