U new jack English speak ! (Bad Translation Tools)

Sure, this new scissor jack that I bought “PROFESSIONAL THICKENING JACK” may not speak English, but I’m sure it’s fine in a pinch. I wanted to put something in the Exocet in case of Emergency and these are pretty light. BUT GOOD GOLLY THAT’S THAT SOME TERRIBLE TRANSLATION! It reads like a horrible poem.


When using the matters needing attention

by Unnamed Worker

To end the brakes firmly, automatic transmission

On the location of the “P”, in the hand is held

First or reverse gear.

U use stow-wood fixed other tires.

Taken the jack up place, no more than verticesPosition.

U don’t exceed the limit of weight.

U when the wheel is hack hold up, don’t climb into the car.

U under jack can’t put metal pieces.

Taken the park in the flat position.

After u placed for a long time, screw and the bearing should be appropriate to add less

Amount of oil or great lubrication, can make when used More smoothly.

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