I found myself with an abundance of free time today, so I decided to break down coronavirus cases in each state per 100k people. The results were fascinating, showing just how dire things are in New York, with 107 cases per 100k people (or in other words for every 1,000 New Yorkers one has tested positive for coronavirus), while California, which currently has the fourth most cases, actually sits 26th per capita. Washington has the third highest case load per capita, but by far the highest death toll, with roughly one out of every 80,000 Washingtonians dying from covid-19 to date. Meanwhile West Virginia not only has the lowest per capita rate, but is less than half the second lowest state. That said, these numbers are as much a representation of how much each state is testing as they are about the number of actual cases present. I’ve shared the spreadsheet here and will try to update the numbers at least once per day.

Here’s the top 30

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