Consider this horribly drawn road diagram...

Illustration for article titled U-Turn Rules in Ontario

Basically the 3 coloured arrows are my usual route home to get to the blue dot, where my apartment entrance is. For some very odd reason, they put a divider right outside the entrance blocking everything, so the only way to get in is coming from the opposite direction, hence I need to somehow make a U-Turn, then turn right in.

Usually I would get home by following the red route right where the divider ends, but very recently they put a friggin No U-Turn sign right there. So my question is, is the yellow route now also an illegal move, for me to do the U-turn at the stop sign (note: stop sign is actually further away than in this drawing), and I have to take the green route?

And I have no idea why they made it a 4-way stop instead of a roundabout...

Aerial View of the same diagram:

Illustration for article titled U-Turn Rules in Ontario

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