interesting story about Uber. So this last weekend I went up to SF to visit a friend and have a mini vacation. Well 90% of travel around the city was with Uber, when we weren’t walking of course.

So we had 6 Uber rides. All but one driver scared the fucking shit out of me. I had never seen such terrible driving in my entire life and I grew up riding and driving the freeways of LA. Sunday I drove my car cause we needed to travel far and to several stops and it made more sense that way and it was an easy city to drive in less the terrible roads.

They all stoped hard and quick within inches of the bumper of the car stopped at the light. If they were first at the stop light they would be 70-80% into the crosswalk, which I totally don’t get because the light sensors are a car length behind them. They never used a signal. If they were turning they would creep the turn till they were just into the crosswalk and people would have to walk around the car. They would block oncoming traffic. I had one guy kind of fly out of an alley into traffic. I thought I would never make it home, but here I am... Fuck you professional Uber drivers, especially the one that admitted she was up for 24 hours straight because she just couldn’t stop accepting ride. It straight up sounded like she was addicted to the ding on the phone.


The only good drive was the last one while I was there. We got a ride from the hotel to the wharf for In ‘N’ Out and Boudin bread. Well it was just the two of us and we ride shared and a guy in a Prius (all but 2 were) and a lesbian couple in the back with my friend and I was up front with the driver. It was a smooth drive, the guy and the couple were very friendly. I actually enjoyed it. So thank you one not crazy Uber driver!