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Uber is worse than shady eBay sellers when it comes to hiring

There was once a time when eBay was like a virtual swap meet for car parts. People would post auctions for those hard to obtain parts and you could easily find them. At least that's the way it was back around the turn of the century. But then came the universal fit parts and the shady sellers.

You know them. They SPAM eBay's auctions over and over again with the same craptastic parts again and again. Admittedly the funniest of these have been with the DeLorean DMC-12 with sellers offering up "Lambo Door Conversion Kits" and "Universal Sunroof Kits". Many within the community would troll these sellers asking how the kits worked, and all we got for answers was "Uh, just follow the instructions included". Hell, most didn't even know what Gullwing Doors were when we asked them.


But in the end, they won. Flooding eBay with garbage such as LED lights, universal Windshield Wipers, dragon-printed floor mats, etc. And they always brand these auctions as being exclusively for your particular model of car. Check the seller's other auctions, and they'll keep on advertising the same damn part over and over and over and over again for every make/model they can think of. And then they'll do it all over again for each color available. With the DeLorean category, we used to have about a couple hundred auctions on any given day. Now that number hovers around 14,000 auctions a day. And if you've got something more mainstream like a Mustang, a Camaro, or any Honda, that number now sits firmly in the millions of auctions. It's a pain in the ass to sift through, and makes looking for what you want painfully difficult since it's so frustrating.

So, what does this have to do with Uber? Well, as it turns out they're doing the exact same thing when it comes to recruiting. They're just filling up job boards with ads that contain key words for common jobs in the subject line, followed by "...- Make $600 this Weekend Driving Your Own Car - Join Uber X Now!". It keeps popping up over and over again with various searches for different jobs, and will clog your job search up just like parts shopping on eBay.


Frankly, it's getting pretty damn annoying.

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