Update the first, So I’ve have been trying my damnedest to nail down venues and events for the oppo meet. To no avail, I get a lot of “we’re interested but no”. So I’m open to all ideas on what we should do this weekend, should we crash another event? I would love to do a lunch at a hotdog or pizza place one day. I feel bad, I feel like I spend a lot of time and effort on a project and I have nothing to show for it, I feel real bad for letting y’all down.

Update the second, this weekends episode is out.

GTP Johnny, is the guest this episode. We talk Broke axels, podcasting, getting older, getting into podcasting, cars, Wisconsin accents, and much more don’t cha know? visit www.badhabitsnetwork.net to find out more!

Update the third,

The old episodes are coming out on YouTube, so if you never heard them, give them a listen, I’ll be slowly uploading them over the next few weeks. There is also going to be some original video work coming out to, please let me know what you think.