Ug- State of the Golf

What a rotten week. And it’s only Tuesday.

Yesterday as I was about to drive to the store, I noticed my clutch was engaging much higher than before. I figured it was the much maligned autmatically adjusting clutch cable adjusting itself out of its usable range, resulting in slippage in every gear, so today I tried to detatch, reset, and reattach the cable, failing miserably. Now I can’t even get the clutch to grab any gear. So now my car sits awaiting AAA. Good thing I didn’t need it to drive me 200 miles home this weekend or anything. Hopefully my mechanic can fix this easier than I can and this won’t be too expensive or long a repair.


Oh, I also managed to slip into a paranoid and delusional state from mounting stress and personal problems and alienate a few close friends, dropped a class, and haven’t slept since Sunday.

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