TLDR: Got hired for what would be a two week trial period, got laid off after two days, before I even had a chance to get settled in after receiving no instruction what so ever on how their system works despite asking for clarification, by people who don't even know how to use the software they hired me to use.

Got hired on for what was supposed to be a two week trial period for a drafting job, and they let me go after two days. I wont name the company for fear of some other employer finding this and tracing it back to me but I was on top of my game for this job, and also two days is not enough time for someone to get settled in to a new position. Doesnt help that they hired me for my Solidworks background but judged me from an AutoCAD standpoint which is quite a bit different in how it works, esentially rendering everything in 3d in real time, while autoCAD is primarily a 2d environment with the ability to go to 3d. Both have advantages and disadvantages but I wont get in to that. Still I dont believe that someone can intigrate into a new work environment in two days with almost no instruction on who they run their system, seriously I had to chase someone down on the opposite side of the building just to ask a question and get a half-assed answer. Anyways end rant enjoy these cars.


Also does anyone know what spoiler that is on the silver BRZ at the top, I cant seem to find any info on it.