So my sister came to town last night to split the distance between her place and an audition. She decided that we should head down to the beach really quick before we hit the bar. Fifteen minutes later, I come back to a smashed window, and her missing purse.

The good news is that thanks to some quick thinking we were able to recover her car keys right away (called the credit card company to see where they used her cards, told the gas station attendant to look in the trash), but most of the rest of the contents of her purse are missing but easily replaceable. The police officer responding was very helpful, and I think probably went above and beyond for something that's pretty much unsolvable. He even agreed to check the video feed from the gas station to see if they could get an ID on the douchebags. I worry a little about her missing DL, but she's gonna enroll in one of those credit/ID monitoring services in the meantime.

Meanwhile, I spent the better part of the morning vacuuming about a billion little shards of glass out of my beloved car (picture is related, but not my car). GOnna head down to safelite before 11 to see if they can wrap it and squeeze my car in today so I don't have to wait/commute another day.

Ugh. Such an inconvenience.