That feeling when you get the repair bill, and it’s $150-$200 higher than you expected. And that didn’t include an alignment because they found other issues.

I took the Civic in today to get the lower ball joints and tie rod ends replaced. It turns out the following should also supposedly be repaired:
- Lower control arm bushings (despite having the entire control arms - bushings and all replaced two years ago)
- Strut mounts on the front (replaced roughly 5-6 years ago when I did the struts)
- Stabilizer end links supposedly need replacement (but not critical)

The only ones that really bother me are the lower control arm bushings. I was pretty sure that they are press fit into the control arms, and they come as one unit. But looking on Rock Auto, it looks like there are a number of bushing kits, and there’s a number of people online that have done it. It does require a hydraulic press (or at least a big mechanic’s vice) to press the bushings back in.

Also, there’s oddly enough a kit:

Although given that they look like solid bushings, that might make for a rougher ride. It might be cheaper to get the kit, though.

I’m pricing out parts on Rock Auto, and at least the parts aren’t too expensive. I’ve already got a pair of spring compressors, so replacing the strut mount doesn’t scare me. The only thing on the list that scares me a bit is the lower control arm bushings. Has anyone here done them before?

Related video of a guy replacing said bushings: