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Ugh. - Update "Fixed" as per the shop.

So, I got my drivers front wheel bearing replaced and it looks like the shop damaged my brake caliper, only cosmetically. I pointed it out to them, but they said they use padded equipment, blah blah blah. BUT! As a claims adjuster who cut his teeth on Garage Liability claims, I take about 100 photos of my car before I hand it over to anyone. So that problem was solved pretty quickly.

The question I have is, they said they can respray it. Am I out of line for asking for the whole caliper to be replaced? I am sure I could force them into it, but I don’t really want to burn my chances of going back to this shop.


This is the first time I’ve gone, but my dad uses them for his Mustang GT and they do good work.

What say you Oppo?

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I took it back today and they called me to say they “fixed it”. I went back and they did a horrible job. Like, almost like they don’t care about me or my car.

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They seem to have given my brake caliper Tinea versicolor. They just dabbed on some random red paint. I tried to power wash it off, but no go. I’ll just have them cut me a cheque for an amount I have not calculated yet.


It makes me sad. I really, really take car of this car.

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