I have been having some weird health stuff going on recently. I didn’t think it had been affecting my work performance to a major degree. This week both my bosses have come to have a “talk” with me. Today when i left work one said he hopes i can get things fixed.

Cue panic attack

The best answer i have right now is i don’t exactly know what’s going on. The doctors don’t either, but are perfectly happy to have me throw money at it to see what sticks. Sadly, i dont have a lot of money to throw. And scheduling this crap means missing work. Missing work 1. Looks bad, and 2. Means less money still.


I feel like shit because it looks like i am slacking or straight dont give a fuck about my job. I CAN’T lose my job, and I don’t know how to really approach this and not come off as a liability. That is why i was trying to keep quiet about it...

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