I’m tired of Volvo problems. The V70 isn’t starting. Getting a code for cylinder 1 misfire. Anyone wanna offer up some troubleshooting advice?

Full disclaimer, because of the snowstorm and work craziness I haven’t driven the V70 a single time since coming back from San Jose. I started it once a week ago, but the engine shuddered a bit and ran rough so I turned it off immediately. Decided I’d take care of the problem later. Well.... Today is later. So the car made the 900 mile drive home with absolutely zero issues, then on the next start up it ran very rough for a few seconds before I shut it off (after sitting in the snow for 10 days untouched) and a week after that showed a cylinder misfire with my scan gauge. That’s my info.


I will also say that the gas gauge shows maybe 1/16 of a tank, and I’m parked on a hill. I’ve learned first maybe it’s not getting fuel? Would that cause a misfire code for one cylinder though?

The idea of throwing money at a car is very unappealing right now, so I’m hoping I can figure this out. Taking it in to a shop isn’t really on the table. I’ve got a covered spot I can store it for awhile if need be, but... It would have to be running to get there. No way for a tow truck to maneuver it into the stall.

Plug looks good yeah? Believe it or not this is somehow the first time I’ve taken out a spark plug... Not really sure what I’m looking for here, besides a disgusting blackened mess of corrosion or maybe a plug coated in oil.

I attempted a compression test in that cylinder but I’m not really confident that I did it correctly. I wish I I was neighbors with a friendly Volvo mechanic.


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