So, some time back, the transmission on the Infiniti started slipping. Would get stuck in first or second gear, and keep revving but not shift. Turning the car off and back on usually fixed the issue for a bit. Codes pointed to the speed sensor. I replaced it once, and it fixed the issue temporarily, but it came back not long after. Just replaced it again, and the issue still isn’t gone.

I’m not quite sure what to do now. A couple engine codes point to an issue with the ECU. I can’t remember the codes exactly, but it was something with the ECU it said. I’m going to start with a reflash. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to have to buy another one. That’s not going to be cheap. Not only will I have to get the part, I’m going to have to pay the Nissan dealer to marry it to the car, reprogram the keys, and all that probably.

I’m hoping a reflash takes care of the problem, but if not, then I could be out a pretty penny. She just hit 257,000 miles today, and the whole powertrain and computer system is all original. I just don’t look forward to having to shell out money we don’t have. I mean, I can live with the issue for the time being if I have to, as it’s not constant, and as I said, turning the car off and back on usually seems to solve it for a bit, but it is a bit annoying. I don’t believe the culprit is the transmission itself, though the issue causing the problem probably isn’t good for it either.

This here is the best deal I’ve found.


I may have to just somehow come up with the money and get this. I wouldn’t have to worry about reprogramming this way.

If I have to (forbid I don’t) get a replacement transmission, then I can try to get this one.


I’m certain I could find one cheaper at a junkyard, but that one was just a quick Google search.


Still a pain.

Any ideas from Oppo?

(P.S. I did entertain the idea of a manual swap out of a 3.0 5th gen Maxima, but that’s just way too much involved for right now)