Okay so my lovely lady is getting her WJ Jeep next weekend, so we are pumped to get rid of her POS WK. As it sat we just had a bunch of work done, and I had all the rest of the parts to finish the job to get the car up to 100% to put it on the market - book value being roughly a little higher than what she owed. Until this shit happened. Other night we were out in the rain storm in it and the wind ripped the door out of my hand and bent a hinge ever so slightly. Which was fine, I closed the door and said we will adjust it later. Opened fine, closed fine another time (with a slight kiss of door to metal). THEN she was at work and wasnt thinking and opened the door up in a hurry and bent the fender in. FAAAAAACK I didn’t want to spend ANY more money on it till it sold. So options are, new fender plus paint plus finding that stupid wide pin rope striping to match, which I have never seen. Bending the fender out, filler and touching up, or finding a boneyard fender already painted and also having to find that stupid stripe. Is there some way to remove that stripe in one piece? What would you do, I want it fixed before sale so we can get top dollar. I will say it again - the WK is a steaming pile of shit. The door didnt even get pulled forward that hard and the hinge bent. Come on WJ!

Here is a more detailed shot of the stripe